Argus - The All Seeing, System and Network Monitoring Software

Screen Shots

* Version 3.7 [2013 Feb 14]
  holt-winters aberrant behavior detection
  work around bug in some versions of mod_perl
  Ticket system integration
  better/faster resolver
  custom dashboards
  style, css

* Version 3.6 [2008 Oct 27]
  SNMP interface auto-discovery (oid: ifInOctets[POS1/0])
  better handling of solaris low descriptor limit
  faster startup
  correctly count aliases
  new severity features
  new data directory structure
  show test results on webpage
  overview webpage
  friendlier notification messages
  compute service
    => some config file changes may be needed

* Version 3.5 [2007 June 14]
  SNMP get-bulk
  UDP bug fixes
  faster startup/shutdown
  faster graphs
  faster with large configs
  Resolv in displayed config
  checknow button
  notification %O fix
  notification conditional text
  DARP (Failover and Redundancy)
  acl simplification
  detect GD at runtime
  can specify units for time duration parameters
  web page changes
  data archiving interface
  various config parameter inheritance changes
    => some config file changes may be needed

* Version 3.4 [2005 May 14]
  perl 5.00503 fix
  added TCP/DNS
  added TCP/Rwhois
  added TCP/SIP, UDP/SIP, UDP/IAX2, TCP/Asterisk
  added TCP/RPC, UDP/RPC
  added asynchronous resolver
  radius fix
  code reorganization
  configurable ip options: TTL, TOS, LSRR, SSRR
  support for web_auth_none
  scheduler adjustment
  http redirect loop detection fix
  argusctl checknow added
  notification %O fix
  database testing enhancements
  added remote monitoring agent
  faster SSL failure detection
  enhanced performance

* Version 3.3 [2004 Mar 23]
  perl 5.8.1 Encode conflict workaround
  support for databases that do not require a username
  added tests TCP/NFS and TCP/NFSv3
  improved SSL support
  added https support to TCP/URL
  nolotsmsgs supported per method
  notifyaudit for audit trail via notification method
  additional notification message % sequences
  user configurable cron functions
  severity levels
  user written perl extensions
  support for alternate languages
  support for SNMPv3
  siren fix
  radius fix
  fix for Socket6 version > 0.10
  remote testing TCP test port
  improved handling of config file errors
  support for DARP - Failover and Redundancy
  various changes to notification system
    => some changes may be needed to get exactly the same messages

* Version 3.2.1 [2003 Jul 15]
  perl 5.6.0 syslog bug workaround
  qtime parameter extended
  nolotsmsgs parameter added
  notifyalso parameter added
  \# in config files
  IPv4/IPv6 mismatched src address fix
  ackonup fix
  Configure --upgrade

* Version 3.2   [2003 Apr 14]
  Graphing capabilities
  IPv6 support
  extended testing capabilities
  extended DNS testing
  database testing
  slight change in override/notification interaction
  user configurable notification methods
  other notification system changes
  locale aware date/time strings
  include file support in config files
  other config file improvements
  HTML 4.01 Transitional compliance
  argus-config program
  changes to 'make install'
  correct various spelling errors
  ping scalability issues
  ability to monitor several internal values
  export various data to environment

    snmpcalc has been renamed calc
    targets of some aliases may need to be modified

* Version 3.1.3 [2002 Dec 2]
  minor scheduling issue fixed
  added -u -g options
  additional checking for some common user errors

* Version 3.1.2 [2002 Nov 8]
  mod_perl issue fixed
  problem logging typo fixed

* Version 3.1.1 [2002 Oct 31]
  misc cleanup
  TCP connect error reporting
  possible Ping issue fixed
  SNMP rate overflow fixed
  Solaris waitpid portability issue fixed

* Version 3.1   [2002 Oct 20]
  new user authentication code
  access control
  user views
  config file typo detection
  bug fixes

    escalate parameter is now in minutes

* Version 3.0.1
  bug fixes
  faster startup

* Version 3 [2001]
  complete rewrite
  too many changes to count

* Version 2 [2000 - 2001]
  complete rewrite
  extensive TCP, UDP, and program testing capabilities
  notifications via text pages (via qpage)
  web front-end

* Version 1 [1996 - 1999]
  collection of perl and shell scripts
  ping and limited SNMP capabilities
  notifications via coded numeric paging