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Web Page Decoration

You can adjust the look of the web pages in numerous ways. The most commonly used parameters are:

You can add text or html to the top and bottom of web pages:

  • header - text or html to be placed at the top of web pages
  • footer - text or html to be placed at the bottom of web pages

You can set various images and noises:

  • bkgimage - an image to use as the background of web pages
  • sirensong - a wav file for the browser to play when the object is down. -- not all browsers support this feature.
  • nospkr_icon - an icon to use to indicate that the user has turned off the siren

You can set CSS style sheets + javascript to be used [version 3.3]

These may be multiple files separated by spaces.

  • style_sheet - style sheets to use
  • javascript - javascript to use
        style_sheet:  /argus/argus.css  /argus_local.css

Some browsers will display a small icon in the location bar, title bar, or tab bar.

  • icon - the default icon to display
  • icon_up - the icon to display when the object is up
  • icon_down - the icon to display when the object is down

Note: these icons, images, and noises should be specified in whatever form needed for your web server. The values will be inserted un-altered into the generated web pages.

There are several fields that can be used for informational purposes. They can be text or html (such as a link to additional information).

  • note - informational
  • info - informational
  • comment - informational
  • details - informational

You can change the name that gets displayed for each object by setting:

  • label - name to display on web page